Robert Long
Eric Kraft
David S. Reynolds
Cecil Hoge Jr.
Lang Phipps
Claude Mayers
Fruit Tramps

T he writers currently featured are local writers from the eastern end of Long Island and have either been born here or moved here. Town historian, Robert Keene, has written a short history of how our area developed from 1850 till now and came to be known as The Hamptons. Cecil Hoge Jr., a regular contributing writer for our local and famous Dan's Papers, has taken the changing times of life in the Hamptons from another perspective with Cell Phone Use In Italy Surpasses The Hamptons, But The Hamptons Still Maintain Their Dominance In Rollerblading and his latest contribution, Incident Off Shinnecock.

Robert Long has published two chapbooks and one full-length book of poems (What Happens). We are featuring several selections from his forthcoming book which is called Blue. His poems and fiction have appeared in dozens of magazines and anthologies, including The New Yorker, Poetry, Partisan Review, and New American Poets of the 90s.

David S. Reynolds, who summers in Sagaponack, is a prize-winning author and university professor. His latest book, Walt Whitman's America: A Cultural Biography uses the life and writings of the Long Island-bred poet to illuminate many aspects of American life, including politics, sexuality, Long Island and Manhattan history, painting and photography, religion and philosophy, science, music and theater, race, publishing history and the Civil War.

Eric Kraft, an accomplished writer and resident of East Hampton, has contributed several new short stories entitled Masters of the Arts, Have You Ever Wondered Why Microphones Don't Resemble Ears? and Picking Things Up. Lang Phipps contributed his Cuba Diary which he kept on a recent journey in June '96 and he wrote Life (And Love) or the Man in His 30's.

Claude Mayers has written a poem entitled Plutonium Train Comin' Through Town At 3 A.M.' relating to the possible upcoming rail shipping of plutonium/ high level radioactive waste in inadequately tested casks holding up to 21,000 pounds of nuclear reactor core fuel assemblies scheduled to begin in 1998 should the House Of Representatives pass a similar bill to the Senate's S1936 passed July 31, 1996. His most recent contribution is Peru Hostage Siege Rescue Euphoria (Ask The Lamenting Mother Of The Rebel).

Fruit Tramps is the story of one family of American migrant farm workers as captured by author and photographer, Herman LeRoy Emmet. William Rothschild, one of the architectural photographers for the Designer Showhouses, wrote Preserve That Look which explains how to best capture the essence of a room with a photograph. Joe Denny is a cartoonist from Sag Harbor whose work has appeared in several local magazines and is better known for his amusing strips for a local winery.

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